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The Vention Automation Partner (VAP) Program is a global initiative that brings together automation companies to address the evolving needs of the industry. By harnessing the capabilities of Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform, this program empowers integrators, robotic distributors, and machine builders to streamline the entire automation process – from design and automation to ordering, deployment, and operation, all with increased confidence.

This partnership is a fusion of Vention’s powerful tools, including MachineBuilder, the design library, and a robust marketing engine, with the industry-specific knowledge and local expertise of our partners. Our goal is to uplift our partners by providing commercial benefits, recognition programs, trainings, and the opportunity to collaborate with our marketing organization, resulting in accelerated organic growth and profitability. Furthermore, the program is designed to minimize market overlap and maximize the collective strengths of our partners.

Experience the following benefits:

  • Web-Based Partner Portal: Streamline deal registration, pricing, lead times, and e-commerce through the Manufacturing Automation Platform.

  • Joint Marketing: Joint promotion and demand generation activities, partner awards, and trade show participation. 
  • Stocked Parts: Benefit from Vention’s vertical integration and operations centers in Montreal and Berlin, reducing logistical and overhead costs.

  • Pre-Engineering Solutions: Save time and money with Vention application kits, templates, and official designs.
  • Digital Twin and Design Tools: In-platform robotic simulation, 3D modeling, and assembly instructions to mitigate risk and ensure project success.

  • Design Services and Engineering Validation: Vention is an extension of your engineering team. Leverage our experts to create solutions to meet your needs.

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